Impendo - Independent Information Technology Services

Impendo - Independent information technology services

Impendo Ab Oy is a independent technology Agency located in Finland. Our associates are independent co-workers that are personally responsible for their work and their clients projects. They are working all around southern Finland, but still, all our associates work together to provide the best service and solutions for every project - therefore we can guarantee a personal service and top quality for every client.

Contact mr Mathias Bilenberg, or one of our associates directly, to get your project started today.


SiteBox will build the best, and most suitable, website for your company. With good knowledge in many different fields and high class associates, we are able to provide a service for all small, to medium size, businessens. Taking into consideration your needs, time schedule and resources - we are confident that we can provide the best and most effective service for you.

Communication tools

When it comes to internal and external communication tools, we have the knowledge to provide you with the most efficient technical resources provided on the market. We can help you set up your resources and educate you how to communicate with your co-workers, customers and target groups more efficiently and cost effective than ever before.

Maritime IT-solutions

We offer simple IT-solutions to make the everyday life of seafarers and maritime professionals easier. Whether you are working onboard a vessel or with management ashore, you can use our products to streamline your tasks and save time for more important things.

Impendo Ab Oy

Postal address:
Linnankatu 49 B 40
FIN - 20100 TURKU

Visiting adress:
Satamakatu 14
FIN - 20100 TURKU

Mathias Bilenberg

CEO - founder

Phone: +358 44 - 017 6961